AUDIO to MIDI conversion by pro. musicians

We are playing and converting any song into a pro. MIDI file

  1. Send your MP3, WAV or AIF file, ZIP or a Youtube, Spotify, wetransfer, Dropbox, Deezer, tec. link + any requirement you wish

  2. You will receive our quote by email (average price is 30€ to 50€)

  3. Once your payment received I will start to work on your conversion.
    We will reproduce as faithfully as possible the original track, its tonality, its structure and its style, with a sensitivity adapted to the selected instrument (a brass section is not played the same way as a flute or a rhythm guitar). It is a work of listening and "manual" transcription of several hours.

  4. You will receive your .mid file in the next 72 hours, in several sub-formats (XG, GS, GM2) and individual tracks + audio on request


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