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AUDIO to MIDI pro. conversion - Quote request


We convert any song into backing tracks, scores, loops, video tutorials, styles through MIDI format!

1 - Send your MP3, WAV or AIF file, ZIP or a Youtube, Spotify or Deezer link

2- One or more musicians participate in the production of your MIDI sequence.
We reproduce as faithfully as possible the original track, its tonality, its structure and its style, with a sensitivity adapted to the selected instrument (a brass section is not played the same way as a flute or a rhythm guitar). It is a work of listening and "manual" transcription of several hours.

3- You will receive your .mid file in the next 72 hours, in several sub-formats and individual tracks - MP3 audio file (w/o melody) on request for free
You will be able to use them in your favorite application/hardware, on any computer, tablet with the edéquat software, or keyboard/arranger/MIDI sequencer

Examples of our work :

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