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How to order ?

Orders are made online only

  1. Search and add your music files to your cart by clicking "Add to cart" button
  2. Enter your email and user name or identify yourself
  3. Choose a payment method (secure payment with Paybox, Paypal or wire transfer or Loyalty Points)
  4. Access your music files (MIDI, ZIP, MP3, MP4 etc.) on "My account" / "My files" tab

Account is free and allows you to access your files and enter your full name, company, address and other usefull informations about music. No obligation, no spam, no confidential datas.

How to open you free account ?

Click here to open new account, add a user name and email. A password witll be generated and sent to you by our server. Please check your SPAM directory. If you are a Hotmail user, please double check emails sent by "studio(at)"


* Discounts are automatically calculated  from the contents of your cart and concern only the MIDI sequences and MP3 instrumental versions available in our catalog. For example, to receive 50% discount, add a minimum of 10 titles so that the total exceeds 149.99 €. Do not add any other products (software or services).

Your account

Once completed, you can identify yourself with a username and a password. If you forgot your password, you can request a new one here. Don't forget to check your spam directory.

When you are logged in, a new menu appears on top of the page and on the left side.

My account : acces your account details
My Points : shows the avalailable Loyalty Points you can use to buy files
Log out

Your account details

When you click on "My account", you can access details

View : shows your personnal data
Edit : allows you to modify your parameters and data (email, password, name, language, newsletter etc.). There are no confidential info and never ask for.
My files : get access tou your downloads
Points : loyaty points details
Order history
Address book : your address for invoice edtiting or to receive disk or cds

How to download my music files ?

Once your payment is completed, go to "My Account" and "My files" tab. Your may need to login.

It happens sometimes when we need to transfer file between our studio and your account. Allow us few seconds / minutes ;)

I didn't find the MIDI file I want. Can you produce it for me ?

Of course yes :) We do produce any MIDI files from any (audible) MP3 or online video. A professionnal production costs 99€ for a 4 minutes transcription (regular price on hour basis is more than 300€, but we keep the right to resell it). With this purchase, you'll gain 4000 Points.

Delay : 4 to 5 days
No synchronized lyrics

Click for more info and samples

What is Loyalty Points ?

100 points = 1 €

You receive 100 points when you open a new account or when you order special products (MIDI production = 4000 Points). You can buy some loyalty points here and get up to 40% rebate here

Once you have enough Points, you can use it on payment method page, by choosing "Points"

Is payment secure ?

YES ! Payments are 100% secured.

As French company registered in France / Europe under # FR 02402929202 since 1995 - GATE SOLEIL Production, 16 rue de Gate Soleil 87100 LIMOGES, we are using secure recipients identified by secure page starting with https:// when you pay by STRIPE or PAYPAL. We don't keep nor use nor see or show any confidential informations.