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MIDI Karaoke

Instrumental version of the song "SHALLOW", made famous by Lady GaGa & Bradley Cooper, in MIDI Karaoke format with lyrics and chords + MP3 Piano original cover w/o melody

Track 1 [no channel]: "Shallow - Lady GaGa :Cooper, Bradley"
Track 2 [2]: "FngrBass" (FngrBass)
Track 3 [3]: "GrandPno" (GrandPno)
Track 4 [no channel]: "AltoSax"
Track 5 [no channel]: "AahChoir"
Track 6 [6]: "SteelGtr" (SteelGtr)
Track 7 [7]: "SteelGtr" (SteelGtr)
Track 8 [8]: "Cello" (Cello)
Track 9 [9]: "JazzGtr" (JazzGtr)
Track 10 [10]: "GM Drums" (GM Drums)
Track 11 [11]: "CleanGtr" (CleanGtr)
Track 12 [12]: "Ovrdrive" (Ovrdrive)
Track 13 [13]: "Distortd" (Distortd)
Track 14 [14]: "Ensmble2" (Ensmble2)
Track 15 [16]: "GrandPno" (GrandPno)

This video is an example of what you can do with our MIDI file.

What else you can do ?

- Get access to multitracks parts
- Produce your own backing track with the sounds you choose
- Learn to play any instrument, any part of the song
- Edit and print scores
- Fully editable (notes, tempo, track, parts, volume, prog etc)
- Make a karaoke video
- Make keyboards styles
- Synchronize with your live performance


Compatible with : Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Arturia, Gem, Solton, Ketron, Moog, Synthesia, Live!, FuityLoops, Cubase, Reason, Logic, Pro-Tools,Cakewalk, Encore, Finale, Sibelius, GuitarPro, GarageBand, Musescore, Desktop computers, Mac/PC/Linux, Ipad, Phones and so many we can't list all.

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