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Pro. Audio-> MIDI conversion

Would you like us to produce your MIDI sequence?

Professional quality by specialist musicians! We've been creating this since 1992, a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

  • GM (General MIDI) compatible, i.e. 99% of music software and hardware

  • File produced with respect to the original title (or arranged if you wish)

  • Delay : 4 days approx.

How do we produce our MIDI sequences?

One or several musicians are involved in the production of a MIDI file. It is a work of listening and transcription. We do not use an automatic arranger by entering a grid or chords and its notes with the mouse. We are reproducing the original title, tone, structure, and style, adapted to the selected instrument- the brass section is not "played" in the same way that a flute or a rhythm guitar is.  We use keyboards as well as the MIDI converters connected to the traditional instruments.

The quality of our MIDI files Studio is, of course, identical to the one proposed in our catalog.

An example ?

How to order ?

  • Choose the duration of your song and/or complexity

  • Add to cart

  • Add Youtube/Spotify/Soundcloud or any other link and/or MP3 audio file on "ORDER Rem" tab on checkout page


59,99 €