The MIDI files Pro. Studio


The MIDI files Pro .Studio

You did not find the MIDI sequence that you were looking for? We produce it for you !
MIDI multitracks file or transcription + arrangement for piano (left + right hand + melody)

All styles ! Professional quality by professional musicians ! We've been doing this since 1992 !
· Delay : 5 days approx.
· Length of the song to transcribe : 7 min (select the duration)
· No synchronized lyrics

How do you produce your MIDI sequences ?
One or several musicians are involved in the production of a MIDI file. It is a work of listening and transcription. We never use an automatic arranger by entering a grid of chords and its notes with the mouse, but we reproduce as accurately as possible the original title, its tone, its structure and its style, with a sensitivity adapted to the selected instrument (a brass section does not "played" not in the same way that a flute or a rhythm guitar).  To do so, we use of keyboards as well as the MIDI converters connected on instruments 'traditional'.  The quality of our MIDI files Studio is of course identical to the one proposed in our catalog.

Why is this significantly more expensive than the other titles of the catalog ?
A MIDI transcription needs a few days of work. As there are millions of titles to transcribe, and as we cannot do everything :), we choose the music the more "popular" and adding it to our catalog. We are the "producer".  With special request, we are working for you only and we ask you a additional fees so you'll receive an exclusive and professional MIDI file. We remunerate also our work in keepong the copyrights.

How do I place an order ?
1. Identify yourself on the present site or login
2.Choose MIDI multitrack (< or > 4 minutes) or MIDI transcription for piano
3. Attach an email to [email protected] or upload it on checkout page, with the reference of your order, accompanied by the original file or a link to an audio file of good quality
4. After validation on our part, you will receive a MIDI sequence in format 0 and 1.

What types of files do you produce ?
We produce all types of sequences in GM format without words synchronized (words in option), MP3backing tracks and MIDI transcription for piano

Have you audio samples of MIDI sequences you produced ?
Sure ! Here is a non-exhaustive list of our "on request" productions (more than 300 already done !).  Click on the title to listen.

97,00 €