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Our MIDI sequences are totally editable in the following software and hardware (non exhaustive list):

    Score editors: Encore, Sibelius, Finale, Harmony Assistant ...
    Music Software: GarageBand, Cubase, Logic, Sequel, Ableton Live, FruityLoops, Reason ...
    Sequencers: Yamaha, Roland, Korg, CharlieLab, M-Live ...
    Keyboard synthesizers and keyboards with GM standard (General MIDI): Yamaha MOTIF, PSR, Korg TRITON, Korg Pa Series, Roland EM2000, Elka ...

    Sing, print your scores, play, transpose, add, remove notes of your favorite music ...

    It's crazy what you can do with a MIDI file!

    Imagine varying the tempo, changing each instrument, replacing it with your own interpretation, remixing, arranging and adapting to your tone of voice, being a part of your favorite music.

    Indeed, unlike MP3s, whose mix is ​​"frozen" once and for all, the MIDI (.mid or .kar) is a "multi-track" instrumental version containing the notes played by each instrument (including the melody) and other "useful" information, such as synchronized lyrics (MIDI Karaoke), volume variation, panning (right / left).

    Our "MIDI" (or Midifile or MIDI sequences) are transcribed and produced by professional musicians in compliance with a charter, so that you can play them and edit them entirely on any material respecting GM (General MIDI), such as Yamaha, Korg, Roland keyboards, sequencers such as Logic, Cubase, GarageBand, on Macs, PCs, tablets, phones and score editors like Encore, or Sibelius, Finale and many more "readers" having integrated the MIDI nome, which exists for more than 25 years!

    Change your musical dimension by discovering or rediscovering your favorite songs in a totally editable format!

    Buy, download and use our files in your favorite recording studio!

Our latest MIDI files

I Left My Heart In San Francisco Acker Bilk MIDI 11,99 €
Stranger On The Shore Acker Bilk MIDI 11,99 €
Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine MIDI Karaoke 11,99 €
Whataya Want From Me Adam Lambert MIDI Karaoke 11,99 €
Sans toi ma mie Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
A vot'bon coeur Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Ya Se Durmió Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Ein kleines Glück Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
En Bandolera Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Cae La Nieve Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Es geht eine Träne auf Reisen Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
En blue jeans et blouson de cuir Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Yo Te Ofrezco Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Tu Nombre Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Mi Gran Noche Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
La Noche Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Une larme aux nuages Salvatore Adamo MIDI 11,99 €
Sleepwalker :LP Adam Lambert MIDI Karaoke 11,99 €
If I Had You Adam Lambert MIDI Karaoke 11,99 €
Voulez Vous A*Teens MIDI 11,99 €