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MIDI and MIDI Karaoke pro. files Studio

Exploit the power of music in MIDI format

A "super score" of multi-instrumental and multi-track music

Whatever your level, your style of music, your instrument (piano, guitar, drums, vocals, string instruments, wind instruments), your solo project, duo, trio in group, in formation, whether amateur or professional, a MIDI sequence is the ideal format because it already contains all the information necessary to practice music: notes, instruments, sounds, lyrics, tempo, mixing, effects, modulation, chords, synchronization, time etc...

Everything is infinitely editable and can be exported in the most common musical formats, depending on the software used: WAV, AIFF, XML, MP3, PDF, MP4-AVI, MOV (Karaoke video).
Total control over each instrument

The playing of each instrument is precisely transcribed on an individual and independent track. You can re-orchestrate everything to the exact note, with the sound of your choice if the one initially set up does not suit you, with your own sounds from VST, AAX, Audio Unit plugins and banks from any sample bank of your keyboard, arranger or software (Kontakt, IK Multimedia, Halion ESX24, Arturia etc.).
Total control over each note

Each note and chord is accessible so you can read, transpose, delete, print, replace, add, etc. All this in an unlimited way.

Total control over the mix

A MIDI file contains volumes, panning, modulation and even effect settings. Again, you have control over all these settings.

Total control over time

Essential time, tempo and signature information, whether fixed or variable, is permanently integrated into all MIDI sequences, regardless of the position of the song. This makes it ideal for printing out a score for each instrument or synchronizing your MIDI file with external elements and other software, in a resolution of up to 480 events per second: lights, lasers, smoke, fireworks, video, playback / recording, triggers etc.

Full control over the lyrics

MIDI Karaoke" includes the lyrics synchronized to the music, to be displayed on a screen or a score. The name of the chords can be added to it for example.

Compatible with all your music software

Our MIDI are GENERAL MIDI and compatible with 100% of DAW MIDI music software (whatever their version and platform).

Examples of sequencer software / partition editors : Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, FruityLoops, Garageband, Reason, Cakewalk, Arturia, Encore, Sibelius, Finale, GuitarPro, Musescore, Synthesia Game, Reaper, Band In a Box
Compatible with all your musical instruments and musical equipment :  NoteWorthy Composer, WildMIDI, Synthesia, Amarok, Winamp, VLC, WildMidi, TiMidity++, and very likely some other popular media players.

Our MIDI is compatible with 100% of MIDI keyboards - MIDI arrangers and any device accepting the MIDI standard (GM, XG, GS, Pa series).

Examples of General MIDI (GM) hardware: Korg Serie PA, Yamaha Tyros, Yamaha Motif, Technics, Casio, CharlieLab, M-Live, Roland

Examples of MIDI hardware (keyboards, effects, expanders, modular, etc.): Waldorf, SCI, Oberheim, Viscount, Eurorack, Buchla etc.

Consult our catalog of more than 50,000 titles

The search field allows you to consult our constantly renewed catalog of more than 50,000 MIDI and MIDI Karaoke titles and more than 40,000 MP3 versions of instruments:

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    by artist
    by country
    by style
    by the content of the lyrics

Our repertoire is varied and gathers "classic" French, English, American, European variety titles from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000 to today, but also more original songs from zouk, sega, classics for example and even Egyptian!

As far as possible, the sheet specifies the content of the proposed MIDI file: tempo, duration, instruments, lyrics.

We update each file daily, in order to add pre-listening. These are offered in MP3 format from our MIDI sequences converted by a sequencer from a standard GM sound kit.

The listening quality is that of a medium-quality audio demo and aims to present the quality of the musical transcription. The final audio quality of your MIDI music will therefore depend on the sounds you use at home. At the very least, your internal sound card (very low audio quality) up to the use of professional libraries such as Colossus, Kontakt Komplete and other modules and plugins (very high audio quality) or those contained in your keyboard.

If you only want to edit scores, the sound card of your computer will be sufficient to listen to each staff / track.

Packs from 5 to 100 tracks are also available! Make a search by typing "pack".

Once your song is found, check its format (MIDI, MIDI Karaoke or Instrumental MP3) and add it to your basket. Once the secure payment has been approved, the file will be available in your free MIDIFILES.COM account.

If you don't want to edit and convert your MIDI music, we also offer instrumental MP3 audio versions without voices or choirs, produced from our MIDI.

Finally, if you haven't found the MIDI sequence of your dreams :

We also produce your MIDI music on demand.

There is no software that automatically converts music to MIDI files.

Why not?

Analyzing a music requires extracting its components: voices, instruments, effects from a file that is stereo (left / right channels), where all the frequencies are "mixed". Currently, it is only possible for a computer to recognize chords, melody, bass line and other elements "detached" from the mix. But it is difficult for it to quickly recognize all the different nuances and sounds that make a piece of music.

This is the reason why we always offer the same quality of service since 1992 because the human ear brings precision and feeling.

For us it is therefore a work of listening and transcription of several hours. One or more musicians take part in the production of your MIDI file.

We reproduce as faithfully as possible the original title, its tonality, structure and style, with a sensitivity adapted to the selected instrument (a brass section is not "played" in the same way as a flute or rhythm guitar).

We use keyboards as well as MIDI converters connected to 'traditional' instruments.

The quality of our custom MIDI files produced for you is of course identical to that offered in our catalog.

    Average production time: 1 week

    Duration of the piece to be transcribed: up to 6 minutes (and longer on request)

    Compatible with GM (General MIDI), i.e. 100% of music software and hardware.

    File produced in the respect of the original title (or arranged if you wish)

    We retain the rights of interpretation

To order your custom MIDI sequence, click on this link

Our last MIDI, MIDI Karaoke Instrumental versions - Professional Studio

Himno de Culebra y su bandera - Anthem (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Anthem MIDI 14,99 €
Heartaches by the number - Larry Schuba (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Country MIDI 14,99 €
London (Jackson) - Johnny Hill (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Country MIDI 14,99 €
Hayya Hayya (Better Together) | FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Soundtrack - Trinidad Cardona, Davido and Aisha. (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) World MIDI 14,99 €
Tigerblood Jewel - Marauder - Tigerblood Jewel - Marauder (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Rock MIDI 14,99 €
Behind the Line -Tigerblood Jewel - Tigerblood Jewel (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Rock MIDI 14,99 €
The Crunch & Beyond - The Rah Band (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Pop MIDI 14,99 €
Space Talk - Asha Puthli (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Pop MIDI 19,99 €
Plezi gaye - Krezi Mizik (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Kompa MIDI 29,90 €
You Can't Beat God Giving (Live) - Billy Preston (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Blues MIDI 29,90 €
Just Another Space Odyssey - Kebu (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) New Wave MIDI 29,90 €
Within Attraction - Yanni (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Pop MIDI 29,90 €
My Love - The bird and the bee (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Pop MIDI 29,90 €
How Long Has This Been Going On? - Ella Fitzgerald (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Blues MIDI 29,90 €
New Jersey Anthem - New Jersey (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Anthem MIDI 29,90 €
You Are the Living Word - Fred Hammond & RFC (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Gospel MIDI 29,90 €
Are You Sequenced? - Klaus Schulze (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) New Wave MIDI 29,90 €
E.V.A (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Jean Jacques Perrey (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Funk MIDI 29,90 €
C'est pour quelqu'un - Michel Berger (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Pop MIDI 29,90 €
Lymie caché - Les aiglons (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 29,90 €
Tulsa Time (Live) - Eric Clapton, Vince Gill & Albert Lee (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Rock MIDI 29,90 €
Njie séga - Njie (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Séga MIDI 29,90 €
America - Wishful Thinking (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Folk MIDI 29,90 €
Si Se Lov (L'encre de tes yeux) - Jacky Rapon (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 29,90 €
Après toi - Zoukovery (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 29,90 €
Mon voisin - Mars Tou Sel (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Séga MIDI 29,90 €
Une femme amoureuse - Zoukovery (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 29,90 €
Zouk medley (Pas toi - Qui saura - Pour que tu m'aimes encore - Vivo per lei - Tu me fais planer) - Zoukovery (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 39,90 €
Lanmou san lanmou - David & Corine (PRO MIDI INSTRUMENTAL VERSION) Zouk MIDI 29,90 €